Sexual dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed about . . .really! You’re not alone if you have a loss of desire or inability to orgasm. In fact, 43% of women and 31% of men experience sexual dysfunction, but there’s good news. Treatment options exist now that can restore your intimacy with your partner, so it’s satisfying for you once again.

The Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center providers and staff offer many innovative treatments, and we’re here to listen, help, and get you back on the road to enjoying sex without worry by blending the best of alternative and traditional healing modalities.

Why am I experiencing sexual problems?

The reasons that sexual dysfunction occurs run the gamut:

  • Aging
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Living with guilt or shame about sex
  • Low self-esteem

There’s help available no matter what the root of your sexual dysfunction is.

Sexual dysfunction: Surprising facts

Much medical research exists on sexual dysfunction, but there are some facts about it you may not expect:

1. Most ED can be traced to a physical cause

Even though we noted that mood impacts your sexual function, for most men, ED is linked to physical issues that affect either the nerve supply or blood flow to the penis.

Chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease often cause these problems, so ED can actually be a clue to a concerning underlying health condition. Certain medications and bladder or prostate surgery are also possible causes.

2. Women’s sexual dysfunction is typically more complicated

When women suffer from sexual dysfunction, the culprits are usually both physical and psychological. In order to be able to respond physically, your endocrine, nervous, and circulatory systems need to be in sync, while your attitudes about sex, emotions, and even past experiences contribute to your psychological responsiveness.

3. Low testosterone isn’t often the cause of ED

Of course the male hormone testosterone is essential for a healthy sex lfie, but it more often affects how much you want sex. Again, good blood flow and nerve supply are keys to your ability to get and maintain an erection.

4. Women’s sexual dysfunction isn’t one-size-fits-all

The three broad stages of sexual function are desire, becoming aroused, and the ability to have an orgasm. Female sexual disorder (FSD) can manifest itself all three areas: You may have no desire for sex, have problems become aroused, or perhaps you can’t have an orgasm, despite arousal.

5. Dental health and ED?

We’ve learned that dental health greatly influences your overall health, and this includes your sexual functioning. Advanced gum disease and periodontal disease — and the inflammation they cause — are ED risk factors, so practicing good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly actually relates to your love life.

6. Lifestyle habits can cause sexual dysfunction in men and women

Lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, and extra pounds can all put a

damper on satisfying sex. Smoking tobacco also narrows blood vessels, which hampers blood flow to the penis.

With this info in mind, there are treatments that help restore your ability to have and enjoy a full and satisfying sex life. At Regenerative Health & Wellness, we offer nonsurgical treatments that deliver dramatic effects for our patients struggling with sexual dysfunction.

The Erectile DysfunctionⓇ Shot, or ED-shot,  is an injection derived from your own blood platelets. It’s a type of regenerative medicine treatment, which is an approach where we use your body’s own healing capabilities to solve your ED.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy involves taking a small blood sample of blood from your arm, processing and concentrating it, and injecting your enhanced plasma back into you. It stimulates tissue regeneration and growth miraculously and leads to:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased penis size
  • More sensitivity
  • Erections that are longer-lasting and firmer
  • Increased erection frequency

Treatment is painless because we apply a numbing agent to your injection site before you receive your platelet-rich plasma dose.

The V-Shot is a similar treatment for women that targets the problems women often struggle with by:

  • Revitalizing your vagina and clitoris, making orgasm easier, or possible if it hasn’t been
  • Improving responsiveness
  • Alleviating vaginal dryness

Another V-Shot advantage? It also treats incontinence problems in women.

We also offer in-office, customized bioidentical hormone therapy reatments, which bring your hormones back into equilibrium and helps with sexual dysfunction and desire in both men and women.

You don’t deserve an unsatisfying relationship with your partner. Call our Colorado Springs or Holly office to schedule an appointment so you can learn more about sexual dysfunction treatments, or reach out to us through our website.

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