At Regenerative Health and Wellness, we want to make sure our patients are receiving the best possible care which is why our providers will perform annual labs on most patients to know what treatment is best for them. Because we do not accept insurance, we are able to offer labs at deeply discounted prices. This also allows us to order labs based on the needs of our patient instead of what is approved by insurance companies. Patients are also welcome to take outside lab orders to have done at a different facility if they would like to have their insurance billed; however, we cannot guarantee that their insurance will cover the labs ordered.

Common Panels Include:

  • Female Full Panel
  • Female Hormone Replacement Panel
  • Male Full Panel
  • Male Hormone Replacement Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Vitamin Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Iron Panel
  • Female Primary Care Panel
  • Male Primary Care Panel

We are also able to perform other specialty labs as needed or requested and have established transparent cash prices for each test.

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