Direct Primary Care

Available at Holly location only

Your family provider, also known as a Primary Care Provider (PCP), sees people of all ages that have common medical problems. Your PCP directly provides and coordinates a range of services for a patient.

Laurel Renee Weakley, FNP-C is providing Direct Primary Care at our Holly, CO clinic.
Direct Primary Care is a new kind of family medicine. We are bringing back healthcare the way it used to be when you had a personalized, one-on-one relationship with your family doctor.

The current healthcare system is full of distractions when it comes to providing the best medical treatment necessary. What we mean is that insurance and so many other policies are now dictating the kind of care you receive from your provider. We believe in removing these distractions, slowing down and spending the extra time needed attending to your medical needs.

Healthcare doesn’t need to be complicated. Using a monthly membership, we are able to make things simple by cutting out the middleman thus enabling us to provide the best-quality care you deserve.

We maintain a limited number of memberships in order to ensure the highest standard of care.

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Direct Primary Care services include:

  • Providing counseling on preventative care
  • Teach about healthy lifestyle
  • Diagnose and treat medical problems like hypertension
  • Recommend dietary changes and interventions
  • Provide cost-effective procedural care (joint injections, mole removal, and more)
  • Make referrals to medical specialists and coordinate care when necessary
  • DOT physicals and sports physicals
  • Women’s health and pap smears
  • Discounts on labs, x-rays, generic medications, and supplements
  • Unlimited number of office visits
  • Access via phone call, email, or telehealth