The prevalence of back pain in America is eye-opening — 80% of the population experiences low back pain at some point in their lives, and 20% of these cases go on to have chronic problems with back pain. If you’re tired of the limitations that chronic back pain places on your life, but you’re understandably hesitant about invasive surgical solutions, spinal decompression may be just the answer you’ve been seeking.

Here at Regenerative Health & Wellness Medical Center, our team of medical experts has a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and the primary role that your spine plays. When chronic back pain takes over your life, you’re limited in some significant ways. But rather than adding to the problem with surgery, we offer spinal decompression therapy, allowing our patients in Holly, Colorado, and southeast Colorado as well as southwest Kansas, to move freely again.

To illustrate why spinal decompression may be the best answer to your chronic back pain, here’s a look at five key benefits to this therapy.

1. Surgery-free

As we mentioned above, it’s hard enough to deal with back pain on a daily basis, but adding to that discomfort with an invasive surgery may not be the most ideal solution. With our spinal decompression therapy, we can reposition the vertebrae and discs in your spine, alleviating the pressure on your nerves—all without a scalpel in sight.

2. FDA-cleared

To perform the spinal decompression, we use a specialized table and harness that applies the necessary traction. These traction devices are cleared by the FDA for chronic low back pain.

3. A negative force for positive results

Through our spinal decompression therapy, we create negative intradiscal pressure to encourage a herniated or bulging disc to reposition itself properly. One of the main drivers of low back pain occurs when a disc escapes its space and compresses nerve roots in the area. By applying traction, we create the necessary space along your spine for your disc to reposition itself.

4. Let the resources flow

Another benefit of spinal decompression is that as we correct the positioning of your discs and vertebrae, this allows your body’s natural healing resources better access to the area to help with inflammation. With the natural flow of your resources restored, your body is also able to do what it does best, heal from within. As regenerative medicine specialists, we understand that the human body is equipped with its own healing tools and, through spinal decompression, we’re able to unlock these tools.

5. A long-term solution

With spinal decompression, we aren’t simply masking the problem with medications, but providing a sustainable solution. Once your medications wear off, your underlying problem is still there, which is why we prefer a more holistic approach that tackles the problem at its source for long-term relief from chronic back pain.

Most of our patients require a series of spinal decompression treatments, usually 12-20, and each session lasts only 30 minutes. Although you may experience some initial discomfort during your first few sessions (though many of our patients tolerate spinal decompression extremely well right from the start), you’ll feel increasingly better as you progress through your treatments.

If you’d like to explore how spinal decompression can help you find much-needed relief from your chronic back pain, please give us a call at (719) 873-8846.

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